Using Your Project

Shell access

If you need to use a shell, SSH to

Project web space

For the project foo, the project web space is the /srv/projects/foo directory, and is visible at

This is intended to contain HTML files etc for the project's webpage.

Code web space

For source code, e.g. darcs repositories, the project foo should use the /srv/code/foo directory. This is visible at You may use another version control system if you prefer.

Setting up a darcs repository

The most common thing to do is to put a darcs repository in the root of your project space. There are two ways to do this. For a totally new project you can SSH to the server and:
cd /srv/code/foo
darcs init

If you already have a darcs repo on your own machine that you want to upload use:
darcs put

Anonymous read-only access

Other people would then be able to get access your code with the command:
darcs get

Write access for developers

You or any other developers to whom you grant write permission can push patches to the repository with the command:
darcs push

Mailing lists

You can enable a mailman mailing list for your project foo by running
createlist foo-p
This will create a list with the address foo [AT] The list overview page is at We attempt to filter all lists for spam and viruses, but we can make no guarantees.


You can enable a trac instance (which provides a bug tracker and wiki) for your project foo by running
createtrac foo
Your trac instance will be visible as

Other services

If there are other services that you would like, please e-mail support [AT] to let us know.