Claus Reinke
Towards a Haskell/Java connection © Springer-Verlag
Implementation of Functional Languages 10th International Workshop, IFL'98, London, UK, September 9-11, 1998, Selected Papers, Springer LNCS, vol. 1595, pp. 203-219 (PDF)

Abstract: This paper reports on preliminary work on a connection between Haskell and Java, with the goal of making software components written in Java available to Haskell programmers. We discuss several approaches, but find the Java platform surprisingly closed against other languages. We decide to use an indirect approach, based on proposed native interfaces for Haskell and Java, and describe this in more detail. A side-by-side overview of Hugs and the Java Virtual Machine highlights some similarities of the implementation designs. Both systems also have similar problems and solutions with respect to foreign language interfaces. Finally, we relate the proposed connection between Haskell and Java to other recent work on component-based programming in Haskell.