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Henry Mitchell photo Neil Mitchell photo I'm a Haskell programmer who lives in Cambridge with my wife Emily and son Henry (who has grown up a little since the photo on the right was taken). I have a PhD in Computer Science from York University, working on making functional programs shorter, faster and safer. Since then I've worked with F# at Credit Suisse and Haskell/C++ at Standard Chartered, taking the lessons of functional programming and applying them in finance. I'm a strong believer in the functional approach, finding the combination of conciseness, static-typing and testability to offer significant advantages - see my blog for more. To get in touch email me at ndmitchell AT gmail DOT com.

Open Source Projects

I develop a number of open source Haskell projects, all of which can be found at my Github page. Some of my more popular projects include:

Research Interests

My research interests cover functional programming and the theoretical side of computer science, a complete list of my papers can be found under Downloads. My current research topics include:

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