Catch: Case Totality Checker for Haskell

A Haskell program may fail at runtime with a pattern-match error if the program has any incomplete (non-exhaustive) patterns in definitions or case alternatives. The Catch tool is a static checker that allows non-exhaustive patterns to exist, yet ensures that a pattern-match error does not occur.

Unfortunately version incompatiblities mean that currently its very difficult to get Catch to compile. Hopefully at some point Catch can be ported to work on GHC Core, and Catch can be used on any programs which are compiled by GHC.


Checked by Catch! The following programs and libraries have all had some of their source code verified by Catch. If you verify a released Haskell project with Catch, please let me know your experiences. To indicate that you have taken the time to ensure pattern match safety, you may use the following "Checked with Catch" logo.

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