Departmental Notes

Notes on how to do things, generally in the department.

Phone Numbers

To find someones phone number and email address in the department:

phone neil


Tea Club: Give money to David Pumfrey.


All these relate to logging on to venice.

The Printer

Normal black and white printer: pp10
Backup black and white printer: pp05
Colour printer: cp06 (need to register first)

Check the printer

lpq -Ppp10

Delete your print job (you can get the jobid from checking the printer)

lprm -Ppp10 jobid

Processes and Politeness

Figure out how much processor/memory you are using


Stop taking priority with a batch job

nice -n 10 command

Terminal Server

In /usr/local/bin/foss, remove -x l option, then:

Disk Space

Disk space (200Mb): /usr/ndm
Web space (5Mb): /usr/ndm/web, /n/www/usr/ndm
CS Web server (Unlimited): /n/www/cs/fp

Check your quota


To figure out where all your space has gone:

du * -sh
du * -s | sort -g


To checkout a CVS tree hosted on the network drive, set the CVSROOT to:


To pull/push with a Darcs tree hosted on the network drive:

darcs push


To see your CGI errors:

tail -f /n/www/log/www_error_log

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