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Catch, CmdArgs, Contact Me, Deferred Binary, Dept Notes, Derive, Downloads, FilePath, Firstify, GuiHaskell, Hat, Helix, HLint, Home Page, Hoogle, NSIS, Office, Parsing, PropLang, Proposition, RE Library, RE Simplify, Safe, Shake, Supero, Tags, TagSoup, Teaching, Tex2hs, Thesis, Total Pasta, Uniplate, WinHaskell, WinHugs, Yhc

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admin: General pages for the site, not actual things for people to use
Home Page, Downloads, Contact Me

dead: Projects which are only of interest for historical purposes
WinHaskell, Dept Notes

haskell: These use the Haskell language, or are tools for Haskell
Yhc, WinHugs, Uniplate, Total Pasta, Tex2hs, TagSoup, Supero, Shake, Safe, RE Simplify, RE Library, Proposition, PropLang, NSIS, Hoogle, HLint, Helix, Hat, GuiHaskell, FilePath, Derive, CmdArgs, Catch, Deferred Binary

library: These are libraries
Uniplate, TagSoup, Shake, Safe, RE Library, Proposition, PropLang, NSIS, FilePath, Derive, CmdArgs, Deferred Binary

phd: These topics will form part of my PhD
Uniplate, Supero, Catch

popular: These are the more commonly visited pages
Uniplate, Thesis, TagSoup, Supero, Shake, Office, Hoogle, HLint, Derive, CmdArgs

program: These are programs
Yhc, WinHugs, Total Pasta, Tex2hs, Supero, RE Simplify, Hoogle, HLint, Helix, Hat, GuiHaskell, Derive, Catch

yhc: These relate to the Yhc compiler
Yhc, Supero, Catch