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About me

I'm a developer at Microsoft Research Cambridge, in the Programming Principles and Tools group.

Most of my activities are centered around Haskell-related research and development. I work on the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, in particular I'm the author of most of the runtime system, and large parts of the compiler and libraries.


Here are some open-source tools I (co-)maintain:

The Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC)
I'm one of the principle developers of GHC, the World's Leading Haskell Compiler (well, we think so).
A documentation tool for Haskell libraries.
A tool for generating parsers in Haskell, much like Yacc for C.
A tool for generating lexical analysers for Haskell (can you see a pattern emerging? :-), much like Lex/Flex for C.


Projects I'm currently involved in:

Multi-processor GHC, STM, parallelism
My main activity of late has been working on support for parallel programming using GHC. There are three strands to this:
  • Concurrent Haskell and STM.
  • Deterministic ("pure") parallelism. See our recent paper on the multicore support in GHC's runtime system.
  • Data-parallel Haskell.
Haskell Prime
This is the working title for the next revision of the Haskell language. I'm a co-chair on the committee.
Haskell Implementers' Workshop
I'm organising a workshop for people involved in the development of Haskell tools and infrastructure, on 5 September 2009 in Edinburgh.


Program comittee memberships:


My publications can be found on a separate page.