wren gayle romano

This is a trivial website for my Haskell code. Some day I'll have the time to update my website once again and integrate all this. But until then...

— "user at host" based on the url of this page
— "koninkje" on freenode.net#haskell and elsewhere


The Hackage packages below should compile cleanly on GHC 6.10–7.8, with a few exceptions (namely that logfloat emits warnings on newer versions of GHC, and unification-fd does not compile on GHC 7.8). I follow the PVP, so you can rely on that for setting upper bounds on compatible versions. Additionally, any changes in the fourth decimal place of the version numbers is just a packaging thing, no real effects on code.

Hackage maintains their own copies of the Haddock documentation for the official releases. The link below is for the latest Darcs version. (Apologies for broken links to external modules, I'm working on it.) And the "revdeps" link is to Roel van Dijk's reverse dependency analysis of Hackage.